A smartphone with the Albertsons app open; Copyright: Business Wire

Albertsons Companies wins award for best shopping and retail app


The retailer was voted the ‘People’s Voice’ winner for its mobile app. Albertsons has been updating and redesigning the app to create a seamless digital shopping experience.
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Many people at an event in the CUPRA Flagship Store Berlin; Copyright: CUPRA

Local event marketing as the key to authentic brand loyalty


In a digitalized and globalized world, local event marketing is coming more into focus. Companies are recognizing the importance of personal interaction and are focusing on a genuine customer relationship.
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A white letterbox with a lawn in the background; Copyright: Mikaela Wiedenhoff / Unsplash

Consumers have an emotional connection with direct mail ads


A new consumer survey illustrates why print advertisements remain in style. They play a critical and emotional role in how consumers choose to purchase from brands.
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A person holds a smartphone on which an online store is open; Copyright: pexels / cottonbro studio

Online retailers: more than 80% of shoppers had poor experiences


The “2024 Online Retail Trends Report" surveyed consumers about their recent online shopping experiences: most of them said that online retailers failed to meet their expectations.
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 A counter of a small café with a fully automatic coffee machine and drinks list,

Customer centricity paves new paths for the car industry


The traditional car trade is rapidly being overtaken by innovative marketing concepts. The electric car brand NIO from Shanghai, for example, is fully committed to customer centricity and community building.
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Al-Futtaim IKEA Store of Tomorrow; Copyright: Al-Futtaim IKEA

Al-Futtaim IKEA unveils the Store of Tomorrow: A playground for families


Al-Futtaim IKEA announces the launch of its innovative "Store of Tomorrow," revolutionizing the retail landscape with a focus on play, exploration and family-friendly experiences.
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The MUSINSA Flagship Store from the outside; Copyright: MUSINSA

MUSINSA opens its first offline flagship store


South Korea’s leading fashion company, announces the grand opening of its first offline flagship store on October 27. Located at the center of Daegu city, MUSINSA’s first offline flagship store features a diverse range of styles of about 200 brands from casual to formal and beyond.
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A completely yellow booth in an exhibition hall; Copyright: Maister

How do I turn trade fair visitors into customers?


How do I manage to attract people to my trade show booth? Bram Couvreur - owner of a design agency in Belgium - tells us what matters in trade show design and why the design concept of the trade show booth should not end with the construction plan.
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A bird's eye view of a wooden building under construction; Copyright: Avel Chuklanov/Unsplash

The Home Depot Launches New Homeowners Hub


The Home Depot launched a New Homeowners Hub to equip the next generation of current and future first-time homeowners with valuable resources including DIY guides, product recommendations, design inspiration and more.
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A Reddy Shop in Shop experience; Copyright: Petco

Petco unveils complete pet care experience at new flagship store


Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. unveiled its new Union Square flagship, a unique one-stop health and wellness destination for pets, in the heart of New York City.
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Various male clothes and accessoires lying on the floor; Copyright: Public Co / Pixabay

Bergdorf Goodman announces the launch of Conscious Closet


Bergdorf Goodman announced ‘Conscious Closet’, a new program dedicated to extending the useful life of customers’ luxury goods. With five primary focuses – Edit, Repair, Alter, Resell, and Give Back – Conscious Closet scales the retailer’s support for circular business models.
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Ingka Centres introduces Step Store; Copyright: Ingka Centres

Ingka Centres introduces Step Store


Meeting places across Europe and Asia from Ingka Centres will be opening Step Stores this month, a brand-new, innovative pop-up retail space that allows visitors to swap in daily steps for currency – to purchase to health-focused products, discounts at local stores, or charity donations.
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The Jordan World of Flight store in Tokyo from the outside; Copyright: RK

Jordan World of Flight opens in Tokyo


Last December, the first Jordan World of Flight store opened in Milan. This concept aims to celebrate the legacy and future of the basketball culture. The next opening quickly followed in March 2023.
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A hall in the Canal Walk Mall in South Africa; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Canal Walk Shopping Centre: enjoy your shopping experience at Cape Town's largest mall


EuroShop, the World's No. 1 Retail Trade Fair is an international event that brings exhibitors and visitors from all over the world together in Düsseldorf.
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Exterior view of a Dengo branch; Copyright: RK

Tracing the journey of chocolate


Dengo is a Brazilian cocoa and chocolate brand. The company is not only aware of the environmental impact of its business, but also of its social responsibility.
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Café Le Parc by tashas with occupied tables and a tree in the room; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Hyde Park Corner Mall in Johannesburg


With a nod to the British Empire, Johannesburg’s Hyde Park neighborhood is named after the prestigious Hyde Park district of London. Its Hyde Park Corner shopping center embraces this prestige and sense of exclusivity, delighting a discerning, affluent audience.
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De Zwarte Hond exterior view; Copyright: Ronald Tilleman/ De Zwarte Hond

Vital city centers: Market hall 2.0?


Open spaces, greenery, a lake – Meerstad is a popular district of Groningen that already offers many amenities but strives for more. The Dutch suburb plans to build 5,000 new homes in addition to a connected, interactive social space, which will serve as a place for residents to shop, gather, and eat. The SuperHub was designed to embody these objectives.
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C Bechstein Flagship Store exterior facade; Copyright:EuroShop/Manleitner

Store Tour on Düsseldorf's luxury mile Kö


A store tour at the EuroShop trade press day already gave a good preview of the topics retailers are dealing with and the means and measures they are using to attract customers to their stores despite economically challenging times.
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Tech Village Berlin; Copyright: MediaMarktSaturn

Store Concept: Consumer Electronics Retailer Embraces Experience


"Tech Village Berlin”, the retailer’s first so-called “Lighthouse” market, recently opened its doors on the iconic Alexanderplatz. The new location of the consumer electronics company features an innovative store concept. Let’s take a closer look.
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Audi House of Progress in Shanghai; copyright: Audi AG

Store Concept: Brand Experience Center Versus Car Dealership


So much more than just a car showroom: The Audi House of Progress in Shanghai.
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Entrance hall of Messe Düsseldorf at Euroshop 2020; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Exhibition Planning and Physical Visitor Contact at In-Person Trade Shows


Trade shows are taking place again – but with strict hygiene concepts. We show what organizers, exhibitors and visitors must consider.
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Hybrid showroom by s.Oliver; Copyright: s.Oliver

Hybrid showroom: the best of both worlds?


Some say shopping online is easy and convenient – just a few digital clicks and your purchase is complete. Others love to come to a physical store because they crave the tactile experience of shopping. They want to inspect, touch, and feel the products before they buy them.
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Crowd of people photographed from above on the exhibition grounds; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

10 do‘s and don‘ts for a perfect trade show exhibit


EuroShop is fast approaching and trade show planning is about to kick into high gear! There are many questions you need to address: Who will you send to the trade show to represent your company? Which products will you showcase? What should your trade show booth look like?
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Thorsten Sydow Salt Solutions Eventmarketing; Copyright: Salt Solution

Event marketing opportunities: from person to person


Thorsten Sydow of SALT Solutions suggests using live events to create experiences and strengthen customer relationships.
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Visitors and booths at EuroCIS 2018; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Exhibitions score points with networking and experiences


German exhibiting companies see considerable advantages in using trade shows as a medium for business-to-business communication compared to digital tools - such as social media or virtual marketplaces.
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Two young women taking part in a survey; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

How much do you know about the future of shopping?


Can you explain the terms “chatbot” or “contactless payment”? These are two of the buzzwords that everyone in the retail industry is talking about. We had a look around Düsseldorf city centre to see how well the public knows about the future of shopping.
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Lufthansa - ITB Konzept 2016; copyright: Lufthansa

Trade show appearance: face-to-face interaction is essential


At EuroShop 2017, nothing is more important than having a great trade fair booth. Technology and digitization are not just great toys, they are also amazing gadgets to showcase your brand. Virtual reality and interactive designs are major trends.
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Fabrics, clothing and accessories beautifully draped against a white stone wall; Copyright: Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

Showrooming – Escaping the one-way street!


Showrooming is a future-oriented retail model. The principle: customers are allowed to examine and try out goods.
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